1. Find the gemstone that matches your mood. 

What color(s) are your drawn to? Every mala bead gemstone is uniquely cut from the stone or mineral and possesses qualities to enhance your well-being.  

2.  Find your favorite essential oil.  

What is your body telling you? 

  • Are you tired? Need a pick-me-up with peppermint oil 
  • Are you feeling anxious? Add lavender oil to calm the nerves. 
  • Are you too excited and need to be grounded? Add frankincense oil to bring peace to your mind.  

3. Add the essential oils onto your lava beads.  

Lava beads are made from volcano ashes and have a porous surface which allows the oils to absorb. Lava beads have a 'grounding' nature since the material is made from Mother Earth. 

The scent on the essential oil mala beads will last for 1-2 days.  

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